We offer one of the most complete lines of custom designed Sissybars available anywhere.
for ALL Indian, Harley and Honda Rebel motorcycles. Our sissies utilize half round bar construction which helps create cleaner lines and stands out compared to the average sissybar.  They are also undermounted for the most streamlined look possible.  Functional additions include strapping and hooking points, quick release, as well as even a fold down storage rack on the Wanderlust for when you need a passenger or just need to expand your storage.

Our Micron Lights are about as clean as it gets.  These stealthy turn signals are precision tailored for a perfect fit on Harley, Indian and Honda Rebel without requiring a base plate or extra wiring components.  Chip on board technology allows us to make these lights super small while maintaining maximum brightness, without the drawbacks of a circuitboard to design around.  These lights are available in CNC cut aluminum or a polymer design that doesn't have the added cost of machining and finishing processes.


Looking to further clean up the back end of your bike?  Check out our Sidewinder wraparound shock mount plate holder, or our Superfly license plate holders which integrate rear turn signals for a cohesive tail end.

At the moment, we are expanding our line of CONVOY racks and storage products, with integral strap and hooking points, backrest holders and more.  And there is a full pipeline of products queued up; so stay tuned! 

We are accepting dealers and retailers, and
ordering is a piece of cake.

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