Indian Touring "The Omega" 20" License Plate Holder Bottle Opener

Indian Touring "The Omega" 20" License Plate Holder Bottle Opener


The sissy bar that has it all. Combustion Industries designed integrated license plate sissy bar with bottle opener for Indian Touring.


Make securing your gear fast and simple with the Combustion Industries designed sissy bar for Indian Touring.  When ordering please specify which Indian Touring model because each have different size mounting spools.



*Unique gusset back design w/integrated license plate holder, strap slots and bottle opener
*Signature half round 5/8 stainless steel bar construction
*Simple bolt on installation using original hardware
*20" overall height (however you can add 4, 8, or 12" with extra cost)
*Heavy gauge brackets with robust welds
*Premium hardware included to mount license plate


This sissybar is compatible with stock turn signals.


We also make accessories for other types of motorcycles, so if your motorcycle is another type, just let us know and we can take a couple of dimensions for a custom made sissybar.

Due to powdercoating process, please allow one extra week for black.


Handcrafted in Minnesota.


Please note whether you are purchasing for a Chief or Chieftain.