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Micron CLAW Front Turn Signals [Indian Chief 22up] (w)

Replace the bulky stock turn signals with a set of Micron CLAW signals.  When installed these signals provide a super stealthy looks with stupid bright illumination for a perfectly sized  fit on the front forks of nearly any bike.


Installation is a breeze just clamp the signals on with a 1/8" or 3mm allen wrench.  Amber signals are plug and play.  The white/amber lights come with solder sleeves; separate polarity converters are required (available here:


*Waterproof internal billet housing

*Fully adjustable aluminum claw housing

*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan

*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by 1 yr warranty

*10mm light diameter with protective lens

*Marine grade cable sheath

*Smoked lens


Wiring instructions can be found here.


Note that the Chief Bobber has a nacelle which requires a different turn signal solution; available here:

Micron CLAW Front Turn Signals [Indian Chief 22up] (w)

PriceFrom $215.00
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