Micron Lightbar and Plateholder for Honda Rebel (300/500/1100)

Micron Lightbar and Plateholder for Honda Rebel (300/500/1100)


Upgrade the rear lighting on your Rebel with our baby light bar; designed just for the new Honda Rebel.  This crazy small, super bright 2 light design will give you that bobber look you're after, or just clean things up if that's all you're after.  These fit all '17 up Rebels; and use the very same lighting technology that we utilize in our popular Harley and Indian lighting.


These extremely engineered lights achieve their compactness by using the latest in LED tech (Chip On Board) to create an impossibly small, but equally bright light.  Inline circuitry in the wiring drives the light to it's brightest possible state without reducing the half life of the light.  On the turn signals with two colors; an integrated switchback chip(aka a flipchip) senses the change in current and switches on a different colored phosphor/LED by illuminating an alternate LED.  Alright enough nerdy shit.


Add the optional license plate and light or relocate yours to the sissybar (300/500/1100) or use our shock mount plate for an even cleaner look(300/500).





*Waterproof internal billet housing

*red run/brake, with amber turn signal (using Switchback technology)

*Easy install; fender removal not necessary, just loosen it to get at the wire underneath

*Easy to do wiring; solder sleeves install with a heat gun(or lighter)

*Load regulator, if needed can be found here: 


*3d manufactured housing (HP developed composite/factory produced)

*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan

*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by 1 yr warranty

*Stainless hardware included

*Simple installation (wire diagram here

*Marine grade cable sheath

*Clear, red or smoked lens option available


If you have a '17-19 a flasher relay will give you the correct flash rate, purchase here.


An optional license plate light and curved license plate can be added at time of purchase.