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//Black Sunshine FOR SALE


The Overlander concept started out as an idea to create a bike that was a combination of scrambler, enduro, and hooligan and incorporate influences from 80's era science- fiction.

This bike started life as a 2008 Sportster 1200r and utilizes many handmade sheetmetal and custom parts.  

The seat pan and foam are custom fabricated and the seat was covered by Mustang seats.

Stay tuned for more pictures and details!


Musclecars and hotrods inspired the design theme for Black Sunshine.  The only thing left stock on this  bike was the frame.

The paint theme was kept simple, with just enough color to evoke a vintage musclecar feel and stand out in a crowd.  

This bike started out as a '99 Road King and uses custom and aftermarket bodywork, handmade handlebars and many parts that Michael designed for the aftermarket.

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