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Indian Touring and Chief "Wanderlust" Sissy Bar

Make securing your gear fast and simple with the Combustion Industries designed sissy bar for Indian Touring and Chief. 


This new design incorporates a stealthy fold down rack. This is great for when you need to carry a passenger and some's also an easy way to expand your carrying capacity.



*Unique fold down shelf design with integrated straps slots (shelf is 8" x 5.5") with custom design options
*Premium thumbscrew and other assembly hardware
*Signature 5/8 half round stainless steel bar stock
*Simple bolt on installation using original hardware

(for quick release docks you need to have the mounts already installed on your bike)

*20", 24" or 30" overall height

*Kickback and quick release options
*Heavy gauge brackets with robust welds


Handcrafted in Minnesota.

Indian Touring and Chief "Wanderlust" Sissy Bar

PriceFrom $305.00
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