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Micron CELLBLOCK tail light for HD (fits '99-up bikes with the rectangle light)

Replace the OE rectangular rear light on your Harley with the CELLBLOCK.  This super slim, amazingly bright replacement will dial in the back end of your bike with a clean, tough look and enables you to go eliminate the entire stock taillight assembly; including the base for an ultra slim silhouette.  Use as a run/brake light or delete your turn signals and use it as your sole rear end light with run, turn and brake.


These extremely engineered lights achieve their compactness by using the latest in LED tech (Chip On Board) to create an impossibly small, but equally bright light. Inline circuitry in the wiring drives the light to it's brightest possible state without reducing the half life of the light. On the turn signals with two colors; an integrated switchback chip (aka a flipchip) senses the change in current and switches on a different colored phosphor/LED by illuminating an alternate LED.


*Waterproof internal billet housing

*Affixes easily with one 1/4-20 stainless screw(included)

*3d manufactured housing (factory produced w/HP developed composite)

*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan

*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by 1 yr warranty

*10mm light diameter with protective lens

*Simple installation (wire diagram here

*Run/Turn/Brake function

*Marine grade cable sheath

*Comes with solder tubes for an easy install

*Smoked Lens

Micron CELLBLOCK tail light for HD (fits '99-up bikes with the rectangle light)

PriceFrom $170.00
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