Micron Turn Signals for Indian Chief '22-up

Micron Turn Signals for Indian Chief '22-up


Replace your stock turn signals with a set of our super small, stupid bright signals designed for a seamless fit on your 22-up Chief.  Sold by the pair; rear brackets available separately. 


This listing is for the lights, we have the rear brackets here>>


another options 


For front mounting you can modify a set of the OE rubber brackets or use something like this:



These extremely engineered lights achieve their compactness by using the latest in LED tech (Chip On Board) to create an impossibly small, but equally bright light. Inline circuitry in the wiring drives the light to it's brightest possible state without reducing the half life of the light. On the turn signals with two colors; an integrated switchback chip(aka a flipchip) senses the change in current and switches on a different colored phosphor/LED by illuminating an alternate LED. Alright enough nerdy ness.


*Waterproof internal billet housing

*3d manufactured housing (HP developed composite/factory produced)

*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan

*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by 1 yr warranty

*10mm light diameter with protective lens

*Simple bolt on installation reusing original 6mm hardware

*Plug and Play design(includes load regulators) on the "amber only" signals; the rest come with solder connectors

*Marine grade cable sheath

*Load regulators included where necessary (to correct hyper flash/no flash)

*Smoked lens


Rear turns are available in dual intensity red (run, turn/brake).  For international use; we also have red/amber switchback; which requires a polarity converter.


Front turns are available in dual function (amber turn/white run) and single function (amber).


A polarity converter is required for the white/amber turn signals.

The polarity converter can be purchased here: 



Instructions can be found here.