Micron Turn Signals for Indian Scout/Scout Bobber

Micron Turn Signals for Indian Scout/Scout Bobber


Replace your stock turn signals with a set of our super small, stupid bright signals designed for a seamless fit on the Scout and Scout Bobber.  Sold by the pair.


*Waterproof internal billet housing

*3d manufactured housing (HP developed composite/factory produced)

*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan

*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by 1 yr warranty

*10mm light diameter with protective lens

*Simple bolt on installation reusing original 6mm hardware

*Plug and Play design(includes load regulators) on the "amber only" signals; the rest come with solder connectors

*Marine grade cable sheath

*Load regulators included where necessary (to correct hyper flash/no flash)

*Available with clear, red, and smoked lens options


Rear turns are available in dual intensity red (run, turn/brake) and single function(amber/turn only).  For international use; we also have red/amber switchback; which requires a polarity converter.


Front turns are available in dual function (amber turn/white run) and single function (amber).


A polarity converter is required for the white/amber turn signals.

The polarity converter can be purchased here: 



Instructions can be found here.