Current leadtime on custom made sissybars only 2.5-3 weeks...

the story

Combustion Industries is a startup, formed in the summer of 2020.  Michael focuses on creating designs that stand out because of their style, thoughtful functionality, unique construction, and attention to detail.  Combustion Industries' aims to create designs that are simple, with lasting style and high quality.  These products are a combination of handmade  parts as well as components that are globally sourced when it makes sense.  Having personally handmade over 1,400 sissies; the designs are pretty well dialed in.

We offer one of the widest selections of sissy bar fitments for ALL Indian, Harley and Honda Rebel motorcycles. We also offer fitments for nearly any other bike as well.  Check out our growing line of precision fitted Micron turn signals and highly functional rack systems.